Master Class Curriculum

Approved by our Harvard School of Education team. Taught by Yale Debate champions.

  • 1


    • A message from the instructor

    • Public Forum Demo Debate

    • Public Forum Demo Debate Analysis

    • The History of Public Forum

    • Why Public Forum?

    • The Format and Function of a Round

    • How to Win a Round

    • Summary

  • 2

    Mechanics of an Argument

    • Claim/Warrant/Argument

    • Examples of Strong Arguments

    • Quiz: Checking your Understanding

  • 3

    Weighing Mechanisms

    • Scope

    • Magnitude

    • Timeframe

    • Irreversibility

    • Probability

    • Weighing Examples

    • Weighing Practice

  • 4

    Writing Constructives

    • Intro Paragraph

    • Contentions

    • Impact Statements

    • Sample Constructives

    • Constructive Practice

  • 5


    • Introduction to Flowing

    • Importance of Flowing

    • Flowing Examples

  • 6

    Public Speaking Fundamentals

    • Body Language

    • Voice

    • Leveraging Pathos

    • Eliminating Filler Words

  • 7

    Rebuttal Strategies

    • Deny

    • Minimize

    • Delink

    • Nonunique

  • 8

    Mastering The Crossfire

    • Crossfire Demo

    • Purpose of Crossfire

    • Types of Questions

    • Breaking down links to claims

    • Links to Crossfire questions that attack

  • 9

    Summary Speeches

    • Summary Demo Speech

    • How to Crystallize

    • Comparing Weights

    • Crystallizing Examples

  • 10

    Final Focus

    • 4 functions

    • Paint the Picture

    • Comparing Worlds

  • 11

    Public Forum Competitions

    • Persuading a Crowd

    • Judging a Debate

    • Popular Competitions to Enter

    • Competition Preparation

    • Competition Day Advice

  • 12

    Next Steps

    • Useful Resources

    • Training Opportunities

    • Maintaining your PF skills

    • PF in Daily Life

    • Thank You!


VIP Teachers from the Ivy League and U.S. high schools

Lead Debate Instructor

Clé Dupuy

Mr. Dupuy is a Yale University graduate who ranked as Ohio’s #1 State-Wide Congress Debater, #1 Public Speaker at age 17, and 2016 Top Attorney on #1 Mock Trial Team in USA. He brings years of experience teaching Public Forum Debate and coaching shy kids into confident, expressive speakers.
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Course Highlights

Insider look into our Beijing 2019 Winter Course

Student Testimonials


Billy Yang, top debater

"I don't even care if my friends don't take this course next year, I want to take this again! I don't want to go home. The teachers are the best. I learned so many great strategies to help me not only with public forum debate but in life. So grateful."

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Course Goals

Students will challenge themselves through this course. They will:

  • Learn the technical fundamentals of the Public Forum Debate in preparation for competitions

  • Learn critical frameworks for constructing, analyzing, comparing, and rebutting arguments

  • Learn the fundamentals of crossfire debating, the most exciting and practical sections of debate

  • Practice live with Ivy League debate instructors and receive mentorship and instant feedback

  • Strengthen public speaking delivery and the speed and depth of critical thinking


  • What are the prerequisites for the course?

    English speaking and writing fluency is recommended in order to fully take advantage of the course.

  • Where will group sessions be held?

    Group sessions will be held on Zoom.

  • How does this classroom work?

    We operate a flipped classroom, where students attend lectures on their own time, and come to class prepared to discuss

Hailed as The Most Useful Form of Debate

Public Forum skills are essential to many of life's greatest pursuits, both academic, professional, and personal. Come see why!